You are here: NSN System 41 5945003332437, CR2820-1097 EQ88, RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC, 01526, GENICOM CORP

5945003332437, CR2820-1097 EQ88, RELAY,ELECTROMAGNETIC, 01526, GENICOM CORP

Welcome to our National Stock Number system, the world leading solution for your part requirements.

Part Number
CR2820-1097 EQ88

FN = Factory New; NE = New; NS = New Surplus; SV = Serviceable; OH = Overhauled; AR = As Removed; RP = Repairable

Besides outright sales we also offer Repair/Overhaul, Exchange and Lease programs to meet all of your demanding requirements.

Our experienced experts are available to work together with you to ensure your aircraft flying.

Quality Control: our quality control system makes sure all materials, parts & components meet industry standard.

We support most manufacturers and aircrafts including but not limited to:

Pratt & Whitney, Beech craft, Fokker, GE, Airbus, Cessna, Lockheed, Rolls Royce, Boeing, Bell, Honeywell, Sundstrand

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please submit your RFQ through our NSN system.

AOG Service 24/7/365 fully supports global customers' AOG requirements through 24 hour AOG desk. With  counter to counter solution, we provide the fastest available turnaround time.

Inventory Management

In addition to our physical Inventory, normal supply of parts, & consignment stocks, we have the adept ability to source parts not easily visible & accessible in the markeplace.

Repair & Overhaul

Full MRO (Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul) solution, Over 300,000 Active MRO Capabilities; MRO management designed to improve efficiencies in a third party marketplace

Who We Are is a globalized enterprises group, dedicated to aviation, aerospace and related frontier high tech industry.

Based on our network in USA, Asia and Europe, provide global customers with timely inventory management and repair & overhaul of an extensive array of aircraft components and spare parts.



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